Monday, 12 June 2017

How to beat Rainy Day Boredom

Okay, so I am fully aware that it is currently June, and that this is supposedly the start of our summer, but I live in England so lets just get real.
No matter how many sunny days there are you are always guaranteed to have a week of downpour straight after here in the UK so I thought I'd give you some tips and ideas on what to do on a typical rainy day.

Binge watch your favourite TV shows/movies. There's no better way to waste the day! Get cosy on the sofa with plenty of snacks and relax (excuse my amazing rhyming skills). My favourite series has to be Gossip Girl and my favourites films will be any Disney film tbh...

Wrap up warm and take your dog for a walk. This may seem like the last thing you want to do            in the rain but it's actually quite peaceful! Plus, who doesn't want to spend quality time with their pup?!

Get cosy with a warm drink and a book. I don't know about you but listening to the rain is one of the most simple pleasures in my life, it's super calming and makes you feel so relaxed. I usually make a cup of tea or a hot chocolate and the book I'm reading at the moment is How To Fall In Love by Cecelia Ahern- definitely recommend btw. 
Another idea is to get creative in the kitchen! Research some simple but tasty recipes to make by yourself or with a friend, or even challenge yourself and bake something more difficult.

Catch up on work. Whether this is schoolwork or anything else this is a good opportunity to make sure you keep up-to-date on things. Work always has to be done eventually so you might as well complete things whilst it's gloomy outside. Pop on some music or a film and grab some snacks to make it a little more bearable...

So there we are! I'm sure there are hundreds of other ways to beat rainy-day boredom but these are the top five things that I always tend to do. What do you do on rainy days?

xoxo, Ellie Rhiannon

Friday, 9 June 2017

Review: Garnier Hydrate and Refresh Day Cream

Hi guys, today this post is going to be about a day cream that I have been using recently and thought I'd give you my views on it.

As my skin is quite sensitive I have been trying to stay away from testing a lot of products and keeping it as minimalistic as I can, to the point where I simply just use warm water to wash my face every morning and evening.
However, moisturiser is always essential whatever skin type so I definitely knew I had to pick up some sort when I went shopping. I popped into Boots and was browsing the skincare section for agesssss (no exaggeration) until I came across the Garnier Hydrate and Refresh Day Cream which has Aloe Vera extract.

I was instantly drawn to this as it wasn't inexepnsive ( currently £3.99 at Boots) and I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a product that I wasn't certain was going to work for my skin.
I have been using this for a couple of weeks now and I have noticed how gentle it is on my skin due to the Aloe extract which also reduces my redness a lot. It is also very hydrating but does not make your skin seem oily which is a bonus for me, as well as no breakouts.

Overall, I would recommend this moisturiser to anyone who is not willing to pay a lot but who also has problems with sensitive skin. Has anyone else tried this day cream? Leave a comment below and let me know how you got on with it!

xoxo, Ellie Rhiannon

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Room Tour

Hello! I'd like to apologise for my absence lately as I know I have not blogged a lot but I have just been caught up in many different things at the moment. Hopefully now I can get back into the routine of things.

Today's post is going to be a room tour! It has taken me ages to get my room just how I want it and so I thought I'd show you what it looks like. I will try and tell you where everything is from if I remember, enjoy!
Wallpaper- Homebase | Bed- Amazon | Rug- B&M
Desk and chair- Ikea | Fairy lights- Primark | Laundry bin- Matalan

Small mirror- Boots | Acrylic organisers- Primark | Brush holders- Ikea

Bedisde tables- Ebay | Lamps and storage basket- Dunelm 
 Cushions: 2 grey fluffy ones- Matalan | 2 grey hearts and pink rectangle- Primark | (others were gifts!)

So that is pretty much the entirety of my room, I hope you've enjoyed these pictures and somehow has given you some tips/inspiration.

xoxo, Ellie Rhiannon

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Mini Highstreet Haul

Hello everyone!
Today I thought I would show you guys some things I have bought within the past couple of weeks. I've seen a lot of lovely stuff lately but the two main shops I have been loving lately are Primark and New Look.
It is also coming up to the summer season so I thought I would focus on summer styles so I can be prepared, so let's get into it.
(New Look sale- £5.00)
The first item I picked up (well my mum actually bought this for me, thanks ma) was this metallic playsuit from New Look. I LOVE this! At first I thought it was quite adventurous but metallic is very in right now so I just had to give it  go.
(New Look sale- £5.00)
The next item I picked up was also from New Look. It is a black and white stripy playsuit which I think will be perfect for my holiday or just a hot sunny day in general. The stripes are very fair and simple which is why I think it makes a good statement, as well as side pockets making it more practical.
(Primark- £12.00)
Moving onto Primark... I purchased this gorgeous light denim blue shirt dress which I am in love with. I think the brown belt adds such a statement and would go perfectly with some gladiator sandals. At just £12 it was such a bargain.
(Primark- £8.00)
Speaking of gladiator sandals I picked up these which were also from Primark and I directly bought them just to match the shirt dress however I think they will go nicely with many other summer outfits. I hope to get a lot of wear out of these during the summer as they are also very comfy!
(Primark- £8.00 each)
At the moment I am obsessing over the cold-shoulder style tops so I just had to buy these three as I fell in love with them all I couldn't just pick one! So, I picked up the black and white gingham style, the plain white, and the blue and white stripy sailor style. I think the ruffles at the front compliment them so much and make them much more outstanding.
(Primark- £5.00)
I picked up these white crochet style shorts purposely for my holiday/the summer season as they looked incredibly comfortable. Denim shorts can get quite uncomfortable when you are wearing them all day so I hope these will be practical.
(Primark- £3.00)
Finally, I bought these amazinggg sunglasses which I have been dying to get for ages. I have seen many similar pairs to these at a much higher price so I was excited to find these in Primark. They're rose gold with a cat eye effect and what I love about these is that they actually show my eyebrows! Winning!

That's everything! I hope you've enjoyed reading and I will see you again in my next post.

xoxo, Ellie Rhiannon

Sunday, 26 March 2017

A Day In My Life | London, March 2017

Having a few days away for a relaxing break is always a good idea to unwind and treat yourself to some downtime. On this occasion, my other half and I decided to take a trip to London to spend some quality time together, as well as getting away from the stress of reality...

This post is quite a long one so grab yourself a cuppa and a snack and enjoy my rambling!
First stop...Buckingham Palace! Being the typical tourist that I am (even in my own country) it was a must to see one of the most famous points in London. It was incredibly busy and flooded with other tourists which made it hard to take photos without anybody photobombing, hence the random man in the picture...sorry pal, nice pose though.
We then headed to St. James' Park for a lovely walk and to admire the wonderful scenery around us, as well as seeing the whopping amount of birds and squirrels... why so many?? I found this park was so pretty and would make the perfect spot for a picnic on a hot summers day, however it was a tad too cold for that on this occasion.
Sightseeing was obviously on the agenda for the typical tourists so we did a lot of walking to some of the most popular sites such as Westminster Bridge, Big Ben and Tower Bridge. 'A lot of walking' is an understatement- my feet were definitely going to fall off. We actually decided to take a boat trip to see Tower Bridge and this was overall not a good idea (picture being swarmed by a loud group of school children- not fun).
To top off our first day, a ride on the London eye was essential. If I'm being honest I am actually quite scared of heights so I was a little on edge the whole way round, however the views from above were incredible and took my mind off it completely. We decided to take a ride in the evening so everything was lit up which made it 10x prettier. Being with my favourite human made it even more special.
Day 2! A trip to the Sea Life Centre. This was truly exciting for me who has a great love for aquariums, so I was in my element walking around to see all the fishes. Holding the starfish was a strange yet funny feeling and I would happily have my own fish tank full of them! My favourites were definitely the sting rays and penguins, even though I completely disagree with the small amount of space they have to live...:(.
We rounded off our amazing break with a trip to Madame Tussauds. If you are unaware of what this is, it is basically a tour of celebrities made out of wax, not creepy is it? As it was a first time experience for the both of us, it was actually really enjoyable and interesting to see the intricate detail of the model celebrity duplicates. Also, can we just appreciate how beautiful Leo is even if he is made of wax?

If you've reached this far (gold star if you did) then thank you so much reading and I hope this has given you some ideas for things to do if you decided to take a trip to London.
I had the best couple of days with my love and I cannot wait to go back again! What's your favourite thing to do in London?

xoxo, Ellie Rhiannon

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Review: MAC Studio Fix Fluid

As I am the kind of person who finds it impossible to find a foundation that suits my skin type and colour, I thought I'd give my honest opinion about my all time favourite foundation.
I first discovered the MAC Studio Fix Fluid a couple of years ago (which was actually quite late on the bandwagon) and I completely fell in love. It is definitely my holy grail foundation and I've find it rather difficult to find another one that even remotely compares. This includes both high end and drugstore foundations.
I find this foundation gives quite a high coverage and gives an overall matte finish, which I personally prefer as dewey finishes do not compliment my oily skin type.
If you were wondering, I am in the shade NW10 which is actually the palest shade they have! High five to me for being a complete milk bottle.
Also, if you are unsure of your shade then pop into your local MAC store and they are more than happy to find a perfect colour match for your skin tone. When I say perfect, I mean perfect. That's also what I love about this foundation is that it is the perfect colour match for me and blends in with my neck amazingly. 
Therefore, using this foundation with a spot-on colour match means that my skin looks completely airbrushed and flawless, especially with the high coverage.
I believe this foundation is super long-lasting, as for the duration. Pairing it with a good primer, powder and setting spray means you are good to go for the day without worrying about a top-up.
It retails at £22 which is pretty good for a high-end foundation.
I would say the only downfall is that you have to pay an extra £4.50 for the pump, which doesn't do wonders for my bank account.

Anyways, I could ramble some more about this foundation being my absolute fave, but I reckon you'd get bored- ha! I would definitely recommend to those of you who find it hard to colour match and if you're looking for a good coverage!

xoxo, Ellie Rhiannon